Friday, August 31, 2012

Labor Day Weekend- Traveling in Style

I'm about to hop a plane in a few hours for a quick weekend getaway.  And before we get to the photo collection below, I just have to ask: What happend to the days of glamorous air travel?  Flying, and traveling for that matter, should be a privilege, an exciting treat.  Why start out the first part of your journey in pajamas or crappy sweatpants?  By all means, I'm not saying we need to be dressed to the nines- it's not 1962- however, a little effort is always appreciated.  And if you're creative, you need never to sacrifice style for comfort.  I'll try to post a picture later- but for the record I'm wearing:
-a slouchy black silk t
-classic dark denim skinnies
-a pop of neon and a patterned scarf (for when it gets chilly on the flight)

Hopefully, as the great holiday season of travel creeps near the photos below will inspire us all to toss a little extra style into our travel ensembles.

Catherine Deneuve

Ryan Gosling

Paul Newman

Cameron Diaz

Jean Shrimpton

Kate Moss

Ava Gardner & Frank Sinatra

Beckham Family

Rachel Weisz & Daniel Craig

Catherine Deneuve & Sister
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